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When someone dies

Information and advice about the things you need to do when someone dies.

Registering the death

Step by step guide on how to register a death in the UK.

Organising the funeral

Information and advice about planning a funeral in the UK.

When you are bereaved

Understanding the grieving process and coping with life after loss.

Physical health

How to look after your physical health during bereavement.

Emotional health

How to look after your emotional health during bereavement.

How can we help you

Step by step guides and checklists with easy to follow instructions

When someone dies

From registering the death and dealing with the necessary paperwork to notifying the relevant institutions.

The funeral

Honour their wishes or plan a funeral service and reception to celebrate their life.

When you grieve

Learn about grief, its effects on you and how to look after your physical and emotional health during bereavement.