What happens on the day of the funeral

The day of the funeral starts at the agreed time and develops in accordance to the agreed itinerary. The funeral procession begins at the agreed time and place with the hearse being followed by the rest of the cars to the venue of the funeral service. If you instruct your Funeral Director to take the hearse straight to the venue, then that happens instead.

On arrival at the venue, you are met by the service leader. The coffin is then taken inside the venue with close family following it. You are shown to your seats and the funeral service begins.

What happens after the service depends on the type of funeral:


Your Funeral Director takes the coffin to the grave where there is a short service before it is lowered into the grave.


Your Funeral Director takes the coffin to the crematorium and places it on the stand. There is a short service which normally ends with music (of your choice) whilst the coffin disappears from view.

When your Funeral Director books the crematorium service, they factor in the distance and route to make sure that everyone who attends this service can be present.

In most cases, the funeral is normally followed by the Funeral Reception. We can take you there or leave at the end of the service, depending on your wishes and prior arrangements.

Your Funeral Director will keep you informed and will brief you a day or so prior to the funeral. You are also welcome to keep in touch with them regarding the day itself or any other queries.

Can you think of any other details and procedures that take place on the funeral day?

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